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  • Our Mission

  • Safety

  • To make a difference by caring for people and families in need.
  • We are committed to responsive, compassionate, professional patient care with the highest level of safety, reliability and integrity.
The vast experience of our teams includes hundreds of flights involving all aspects of patient care, from single to multiple casualties, blast and burn injuries, commercial ventilated transports and infectious disease evacuations to name but a few.

Road Ambulance

Gentle, Personalised Care for the Ones You Love

Hope Ambulance is a busy company, we are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year , with a duty crew available at all times. We specialise in a " One Stop " approach to all of our client's needs. We strive to treat our patients as we would with famly, with care and a smile.

Our Ambulances

Hope has a fleet of modern, clean and comfortable ambulances. Besides trauma and resuscitation equipment , we are the only private ambulance fleet in Singapore to equip all our vehicles with:
  • Automated External Defibrillator (AED), trauma kits, pulse oximeters.
  • Multi parameter transport monitors (ECG, pulse oximetry and blood pressure), defibrillator, pacer and ventilators (ie full advanced life support / ICU) setup also configurable for critically ill transport.
The safety and comfort of our patients and passengers are our utmost priority.

Our crew

The Hope crew are caring, dedicated professionals who are willing to go the extra mile. They are trained in life-support, first-aid and AED usage.

24-Hour Ambulance Services

Covering the entire country we can move patients to any destination:
  • Home to hospital (emergency and appointment)
  • Complete Malaysia ambulance coverage
  • Hospital to Home / Nursing home/ other hospital
  • Home to Dialysis/ Rehab or Appointment
  • Tarmac clearance license for direct transfer airport cases
Our rates start at $40 and are very competitive. We offer special rates to regular users and institutions.
Intensive care ambulance transport

For seriously ill patients, our ambulances can be fitted with complete life support, ventilation and monitoring equipment. Trained crew (doctors and nurses) accompany and care for the patient throughout the journey.
Malaysia Road ambulance

Our new, modern, well-equipped, and comfortable ambulances mean no part of West Malaysia is out of reach . When speed, affordability and quality care is of utmost importance, call HOPE (+65 6100 1911).


  • I have moved back to my hometown in Indonesia and I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the kindness, understanding, and patience you gave me while I was under your care. Please thank your air-ambulance doctor and nurse for me, as they were always kind and caring. God bless you all: Thank you.
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The Hope Group

Hope Medflight Asia Pte Ltd
(international medical assistance/ aero medical services)
Hope Ambulance Service Pte Ltd
(road ambulance)
Hope First Response Pte Ltd
(event medical management)
Hope Emergency Training Academy
(emergency medical training)

How to Reach Hope

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Email: info@hopeambulance.com
Tel: (+65) 6100 1911
Fax: (+65) 6720 6008.

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