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  • To make a difference by caring for people and families in need.
  • We are committed to responsive, compassionate, professional patient care with the highest level of safety, reliability and integrity.
The vast experience of our teams includes hundreds of flights involving all aspects of patient care, from single to multiple casualties, blast and burn injuries, commercial ventilated transports and infectious disease evacuations to name but a few.

Useful Links

Hope Air Ambulance partner companies

www.HOPEambulance.com (Road ambulance, homecare, event cover etc)

www.EO.com.sg (Emergency equipment, cardiac care, medical equipment solutions)

www.fly-pfs.com (aircraft operator of Learjets and Bell jet-ranger helicopters)

Travel health and advice

www.travelhealth.co.uk (easy to read, loads of info for all)

www.bbc.co.uk/health (great health information with a very good travel health section)

www.cdc.gov/travel (the guru site for infectious disease information)


Travel security & safety advice

www.holidaytravelwatch.net (bits of everything including how to seek compensation on a messed up trip)

www.cia.gov/cia/publications/factbook (the name says it all, country by country facts, raw data to digest.. not a list of inspirational places)

http://securitymatters.about.com (an extensive collection of articles on keeping travel safe, not sorry)

Inspiring websites on travel

www.journeywoman.com (women rule here but theres lots of information, travel writes and inspiration for all)

www.travelphotographers.net ( online Travel Photography resource for aspiring Travel Photographers!)

www.vagabonding.com ( Travelogue site of a self-described "optimist" travelling the world)

www.lonelyplanet.com (no further intro needed)

Professional links

www.cdc.gov/travel/yb (The Yellow Book is published every two years by CDC as a reference for professional who care for international travelers)

www.cdc.gov/travel/destinat.htm (world destination health issues)

www.cdc.gov/travel/relief_workers.htm (advice for humanitarian relief workers)

www.globalhealthfacts.org (world infectious disease statistics)

www.who.int (mother off all international health sites.. hottest topic now avian flu)

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  • I have moved back to my hometown in Indonesia and I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the kindness, understanding, and patience you gave me while I was under your care. Please thank your air-ambulance doctor and nurse for me, as they were always kind and caring. God bless you all: Thank you.
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